Ribbed Panels Roofing

Metal roofing ribbed panels are a great way to add style and value to your home. Metal roofing is durable, long-lasting, and attractive. It can be installed over existing roofs or on new construction. The metal roofing panels come in many styles that complement any architectural design.

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Why choose Ribbed Panels?

Several metal panel profiles are available, including standing seam and corrugated (remove). Ribbed metal panels are one type of panel that is often disregarded. Whether for home or commercial usage, ribbed metal panels are a fantastic way to incorporate strong, powerful visual lines into your structural design.
The ribbed panels may be formed from sheet steel or other suitable material and have an exposed surface typically covered with a protective coating to prevent corrosion and provide decorative effects.
A ribbed panel features ribs with sloped sides. At the side lap, it creates voids with a trapezoidal shape. Much of the panel's bending strength comes from how the profile is raised.
There are a lot of variances that can occur between the upper curves of ribbed paneling, known as the ribs.A raised point or rib on each end will be used to overlap one panel with another. These are held firmly against your roof and connected by metal screws installed into your roof deck.

Benefits of ribbed panels

There are many benefits of having ribbed panels:

● Easy installation
● Versatility
● Longevity, lasting up to 70 50 years
● Durability
● Visually appealing
● Affordable
● Fire-, mold-, and insect resistant
● Eco-friendly – made with recyclable material
● Low maintenance
● Reduced utility costs
● Available in different colors and styles
● Ideal for commercial or residential use
● 50-years warranty